Maharashtra Forest Department, in collaboration with Sanskruti Foundation presents

Harit Vasundhara International Short Film Festival 2021

Congratulations to all !!!!

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We are a group of artists and social enthusiasts from Barshi, Maharastra, India. As we belong to a rural area, we realized the pain points and challenges that the rural crowd faces when it comes to getting exposure to art. A person fails identify an artist within himself. There is a lack of art literacy and, at times, poverty. Every person who is close to nature is an artist, but he does not know which art form he can use to express himself effectively. Every form of art is a reflection of society.
So, in 2016, we established the Sanskruti Foundation NGO for upliftment, awareness, and the creation of a platform for children, youth, and almost everyone. We understand the importance of preserving and conserving nature, along with well our personal development, because we live in a rural area.Nature selflessly gives us, so it is our responsibility to care for nature, use resources wisely. If you take care of the environment, the environment will take care of you.
We started environment conservation movements called Harit Barshi from our very own village. Activities such as tree planting and well cleaning are being carried out. Incorporating drama into it to attract young people. This is the story, that led to the formation of the Sanskruti Foundation.
You are welcome to join us as well!

Sanskruti Foundation

Our Vision, Mission & Goals

  • Our Vision

    To support for cultural and environmental development and essentials to create worthy impact.

  • Mission

    By using our work sources and public relations to be the change for society in different aspects.

  • Goals

    Provide the platform for people from any area to develop their cultural, personal skills and awake them for environmental purposes.

Sanskruti Foundation

Our impact

  • We found it is really easy and positive to pursue the artist for their dreams. Artistic talents are need to be promoted.
  • Our focus on environmental interest can make work for any public authority or institute to involve in such issues.
  • Children's have more expressive things to express and it worked for them if we give them a chance for acting, dancing and in their any interest of area.

Sanskruti Foundation


Sanskruti Foundation


Sanskruti Foundation

Our Members

Sharnu Shivshankar Jawalgi

Mahesh Vilas Gholap

Sunny Ajay Khandelwal

Rajesh Dattatray Pawar

Sanskruti foundation is an social NGO working over cultural, environmental, social platform. Read More…


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