“Harit Vasundhara Mahotsav 2021 Youtube competition”



Rules and Regulations Harit Mahotsav 2021 : 

“Harit Vasundhara Mahotsav 2021 Youtube competition”
Organizer: Sanskruti foundation, Maharashtra.
“Vasundhara Mahotsav 2021 is online youtube video competition. The concerned competition is for awakening
about Environment and its preservation. As we know Environment is undetachable substance to human life its interest should be kept in memory while living our life. And this is only purpose of  competition to be held  by which participant can create video related to Environment topic and the best one will be appreciated and rewarded.”

Video can be presented by:

1) Short film
2) Biograhy
4) Animation
5)Art(Paper Making)
6)Folk song
10)Story or Case-study
Prescriptive/suggested topics can be
1)Environment Security
2)Human roles in Preservation
3) Balance of Environment
4) Effect of Human interference in Environment
5) Importance of Environment in human life
6)Nature Lover(Inspiring Person)
7) Environment concept and human life
8) Viewpoint towards Environment
9)Nature and Human relationship
10)Jungles cutdown and burning tragedy
11)Steps to balance/preserve Environment
12)Environmental institutes role
13)Social awareness for Environment
14)Interviews/News Columns/Survey about Environment.
15) Any topic related to Environment can be accepted.
Rules of competition:-
1)Video should not be less than 1 minute and not more than 30 minutes
2)You can participate over web site
3)Video to be presented should be created by own and self by participant.The video will be verified and should not violate the copyright rule of any audio, video, content and duplicacy etc.
The participant will be whole responsible for if any such violation is found and will be delisted through competition. And no refund of fees will be given.
4)The concerned competition to be held over Youtube platform. And so there will not be any interference of organizers in selection process.
5)After verification of video, the videos of all participants will be uploaded at a time over youtube.
6)All videos will be uploaded to youtube and all concerned participants will be informed by email, facebook and messages.
7)There will be three awards for top three best videos(by the no. of views over youtube)
A.First prize ₹30000 and trophy and certificate
B.Second prize ₹20000 and trophy and certificate
C.Third prize ₹10000 and trophy and certificate
8)The top 30 video(by the youtube views) will be given participation certificate and trophy only.
9)Participant can apply from 1 Nov.2021 to 30. Nov 2021for competition.
10)Participant can apply over web site (NOC included)
11)6 Dec 2021 to 9 Jan 2022 is applicable for Video sharing and watching.
12)Result of competition at 9 Jan. 2022 at 11:00 AM
(Final views counting is at 9 Jan 2022 at 11:00 AM)
13)No age limit is considered for participant
14)Participation fee is ₹500 for single entry
15)All participants should strictly follow the rules of competition.
16)Date, Time and Venue of
Award distribution ceremony
 shall be declared on 1Jan 2022.
Selection Process:-
As said all videos will be uploaded to youtube.
The videos with most number of views will be considered as top and next as below it accordingly.
The ‘top video’ will be considered according to most number of views it got and descending it will be next.
(e.g. If most views with video of 5000 views is first prize, after that 4000 views video at second prize and 3000 views for third prize. If the views of any videos are same then prize money will be divided for them)
Mahesh: +919175261003
Sunny: +919922974144
Rajesh: +919096836577
Thank you And Best Luck !!!